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“Unveiling Arshad Marketing Co Ltd: Your Trusted Drive to Wholesale Auto Parts Excellence”

Welcome to Arshad Marketing Co Ltd – Your Premier Destination for Wholesale Auto Parts Excellence.

At Arshad Marketing, we take pride in being the driving force behind your automotive success. Established with a passion for delivering quality and competitive pricing, we specialize in providing retailers in Trinidad & Tobago with a diverse range of auto parts. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, a robust lineup of quality brands, and a dedicated team, we empower retailers to thrive in the dynamic automotive aftermarket. Discover the Arshad Marketing difference, where reliability, expertise, and excellence intersect to fuel your journey in the world of auto parts.


Arshad Marketing Co Ltd is your premier source for wholesale auto parts in Trinidad & Tobago. We specialize in providing retailers with a diverse range of automotive products, including engine/transmission oil, filters, bearings, brake components, suspension parts, shock absorbers, and CV joints. With a commitment to competitive pricing, quality brands, and exceptional service, we empower retailers to succeed in the automotive aftermarket. Connect with us for reliable access to genuine and aftermarket parts through our extensive distributor network.


Fueling success in every drive, Arshad Marketing Co Ltd is where quality, affordability, and automotive expertise converge